Drive Thru

With the passenger needing to get from one place to the next with little time, we understand the need to stop by a local drive thru for a quick bite to eat to keep them going through their day. You can add a drive thru stop to your ride request, enter the amount you want spent on the menu items, and we will make sure food is purchased for the passenger before the ride is over.


Need us to stay at a location and wait for you to complete a task? No problem. Select the Layover and enter the time to wait and the driver will happily hold at the previous pick up or drop off location.

Selfie confirmation photo sent at every pick up and drop off location

We understand that you want to know that your loved one was picked up and dropped off as planned. Because of this, you will receive a selfie photo of the passenger at every pick up and drop off location.

You select the driver

We put the decision of who is going to provide transportation for the passenger in your hands. You have your own personal preferences and criteria of who you would feel most comfortable driving the passenger. Because of this, the selection process is yours. After you enter you ride request details, a list will appear with the drivers available to complete your request. You may read about their background and also see comments left by other customers. Once you have made your decision, simply select the driver most suitable to you and that is who will be paired with the ride request.

Book reoccurring rides

Often because of a set activity, a ride request can be duplicated over an extended time period. We make it easy to enter your details one time and book rides for up to a year. Each ride is billed separately. With booking reoccurring rides, you are able to select the same driver for multiple ride requests.

Track the ride

Client can track their ride by iPhone and Android mobile application.

How to identify the driver

1. All drivers will have the 2Placez logo visible in the upper corner of their passenger side front windshield.
2. Additionally, they will have on a T-shirt with the 2Placez logo and a description of the service we provide.