How much does it cost for the ride I am requesting?

$1 per minute with a $12 minimum each way. see more...

What forms of payment do you accept? 

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discovery, and American Express

When am I charged for the ride I book? 

Your credit card is charged at the completion of the ride.  Each ride is charge separately.  If you choose the reoccurring ride option, your card will only get charged at the end of each ride booked and not charged for all of the reoccurring rides set in one group. 

Do I have to be a minor or elder to be a passenger? 

No. We welcome all passengers of any age that do not require a booster seat or car seat to ride and who can enter and exit a 4 door vehicle without assistance.

Is there an additional charge for multiple passengers in one ride? 


What is the maximum number of passengers I can schedule for one ride?

4 passengers as long as one passenger are at least 13 years old and able to ride in the front seat. 

How many stops can I set in one ride? 

6.  This includes all pickups, drop offs, drive thru requests and layovers. 

How much advance notice is needed to book a ride? 

90 minutes prior to first planned pickup, but please make a note in the comment section if you need a faster pickup and we will do our best to accommodate.

When booking a ride, why is the time option only available at the first pickup? 

Our drivers are doing their best to make it from stop to stop as quickly and safely as possible, but sometimes delays do occur.  We do our best to arrive timely to the first pickup location and allow the arrival and departure times for the remaining stops to occur as they do naturally.

How does the drive-thru option work? 

By selecting this option, the driver will stop by a drive-thru en route and place an order for your passenger.  You enter the amount for the driver to spend for menu item purchases and the driver will purchase items up to that dollar amount.  Driver will not exceed the total you enter, but we are also unable to return change for purchases.  You can either let the passenger choose their own menu items or you can make a special request on behalf of the passenger.  Please note that we will do our best to accommodate the special instructions, but cannot guarantee all special requests will be met.  An additional 10 minutes is added to the route time to allow for the detour and drive-thru line wait time. 

How does the layover option work? 

If you need the driver to hold at a certain pickup or drop off location, simply enter the minutes you would like the driver to wait and the driver will remain at the previous stop entered for a maximum of the time enter for layover.

2Placez is currently not operating in my city, but I would like them to.  How do I let 2Placez know that I want them in my city? 

2Placez is striving to be everywhere, and with your help, we will be.  Please send an email to 2Placez.db@gmail.com and let us know the city you would like to see us operate and if you are interested in helping us do so. 

Can I set a ride to pick up and drop off passengers at different locations? 

Yes.  We can pick up passengers at different locations and drop off at the same location or different locations.  Our ride setting system is very flexible.  You set the pickup and drop off stops and who to pick up and drop off where.  How you set the route is how we run the route.  There is no system optimization for the “best” logistical route.  We understand that sometimes you need to cross town and double back due to time commitments, so we follow your lead.  You know the best flow your ride needs to run and we will drive accordingly.

Does the system adjust the route entered for the best logistic flow?

No. There is no system optimization for the “best” logistical route.  We understand that sometimes you need to cross town and double back due to time commitments, so we follow your lead.  You know the best flow your ride needs to run and we will drive accordingly.

Is there a limit to how far you will drive?

No.  The pickup start location must begin in one of our currently operating cities, but after that, we will drive as far as you need us to.

Can I choose the driver I want for my ride? 

Yes you can!  When you set your ride details, you will receive a list of available drivers able to complete your route.  YOU choose the driver that meets your criteria BEFORE the ride is booked.  You are given the option to learn more about the driver by reading their bio or reading reviews from other customers.  The choice is completely up to you.

Is the total price listed for my ride an estimate or the actual cost I will be charged? 

The price listed is the actual cost you will be charged.  No hidden fees.  No surprises.   

Is there a monthly fee for signing up?

No.  We understand that schedules and events change throughout the year and we do not want you to have to create and delete and recreate an account because you want to avoid being charged a fee even though you have no immediate need for the service.  You are only charged for the rides you book.  Nothing extra. 

Are there times of the day that you do not pick up or drop off passengers? 

No.  As long as there is a driver schedule open to complete the route per your request, you are welcome to schedule with them.

Can I book reoccurring rides?

Absolutely! At the end of each ride request, you will be prompted with the question “Is the request reoccurring?” If your answer is yes, you will be prompted the reoccurring details (daily, weekly, monthly) and the ride request details will get copied per your reoccurring request frequency schedule. 

Can I book the same driver for reoccurring rides?

Yes you can. After setting the reoccurring ride details, the drivers with time available in their schedule will be listed along with the total number of rides they can complete from your reoccurring ride request. You can book the same driver for all of the rides that the driver is available for. Not to worry if a driver you prefer is unable to complete all of the reoccurring rides you have requested. After selecting your preferred driver, you will be prompted “You still have X number of rides left to book. Would you like to book remaining requests with another driver?” and you will receive a secondary list of drivers available to complete the remaining reoccurring ride requests. 

Do you combine ride requests from other customers in one vehicle?

No. Each ride you request will have its own vehicle that is not shared with other passengers outside of those included in your ride request.

What is your cancellation policy?

If car is en route and customers wants to cancel the ride, then they will be charged 50% of the actual ride charge.

If customer will cancel the ride within 12 hours of the driver being en route, there will be 25% charge of actual ride cost.

If ride canceled more than 12 hours prior to driver being en route, no charge.

Cancellation chargers will include Fare + Tip Amount. It does not include drive thru or layover amount.

If a driver is unable to fulfill a ride request, the customer will get notified regarding the same and we will find another driver able to fulfill the request at no additional charge and no change to the originally agreed fare for that transportation. – Notification will state “The original driver you selected is unavailable, but we have rebooked your ride with the following driver:"

In case of recurring ride, drivers or customers will be allowed to cancel individual ride. When they will cancel one ride it will not affect already scheduled next rides.

Can I book a ride that crosses state lines?

Yes you can! We are registered to operate and transport passengers from one state to another.