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2Placez most popular drivers are here. These drivers are our top rated drivers, who received the amazing ratings from our clients because of their extra ordinary ride service.


Excellent service by Sarah, I loved her service.


Amazing ride!!. I would love to use him again form my rides.


Thank you Fred, you are real gentlemen, I liked your service.


Thanks 2Placez to provide driver like Jasmine for my children rides.

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How 2Placez got started

My daughter is making her way up the gymnastics circuit and her weekly team practices are Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday beginning at 4 pm with her school letting out at 3:30 pm. Working an 8 am – 5 pm job, no family in the city we live, and our adult friends also working 8 am – 5 pm jobs, options were not available to transport her from school to gymnastics on the days she needed to be there by her practice time. Speaking with other parents at the gym, I found out that we were not the only family facing this dilemma. And that was the birth of 2Placez.

 I also have a Mother who has Alzheimer’s and no longer able to drive herself, but still wants be active so I understand the need of the aging community wanting to get out and about and not have to rely on others to do so.

Because of these 2 special people in my life, 2Placez was developed so I feel comfortable with both individuals using the service and we hope that you feel the same way about your loved one.

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